Restorative Tonic


Rye-based tincture macerated with blood orange, galangal, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and star anise. Spiced and sweet, with gentian and the dry punch of rye on the finish. Try it with brown spirits and Amari.


Isaan Another Level


Inspired by the Isaan region of northeastern Thailand, whose cuisine is known for its intense heat and sourness, this bitters melds all fresh botanicals including kaffir lime leaf, Thai basil, galangal, bird’s eye chili, turmeric and burdock. Plays well with gin, vodka and blended whiskey.


Roasted Macadamia


Macerated with house-roasted Hawaiian nuts. the creamy kernel’s rich nuttiness rounds out similar notes in brown spirits and provides a palate-coating counterpoint to the sweeter notes in Tiki drinks.




This tropical bitters is a natural complement to island-style cocktails. Used sparingly, the fruit’s floral sweetness pairs nicely with everything from aged rums to subtler spirits like dolin blanc, sake and brandy.


Smoke Gets In Your Bitters


Lapsang Souchong tea and Asian pear add a complex smoky-sweet note to any drink. Great with brown spirits.




An aromatic bitters befitting Krang, the villainous anthropomorphic brain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heavy on the clove, with blades of mace, molasses, orange and lemon peels and other botanicals.


Prickled Pink


Cocktail bitters made with prickly pear and pink peppercorn. Both botanicals have complementary floral qualities with the slightest background heat from the pepper. Works best with tequila, mezcal, sotol, pisco and vodka.


Gangsta Lee’n


A nod to Don Lee’s iconic Benton’s Old Fashioned from PDT, this bitters mingles bacon fat-washed bourbon with bitter orange peel and house-smoked almonds. Recommended for bourbon drinks.


Great in ‘28


A modified recipe from the 1828 edition of The Cook and Housewife’s Manual. Heavy on juniper and grapefruit. Loves gin and whiskey.


Gator Glenn’s Citrus


Orange/citrus bitters are a tricky endeavor. Our approach? Cast as wide a net as possible (it works for catching dolphins, too). You’ll always find as many varieties of this fragrant genus as the season allows backed by a proprietary spice blend. As vibrant and punchy as the man who inspired it, you’ll make fast friends anywhere a touch of sunshine is needed.